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Relaxing Treatments from a Mobile Masseur Based in Surrey

Pamper yourself with a calming treatment performed by a talented masseur. At Surrey Mobile Massage, I offer restorative massages to clients throughout Surrey. As a fully qualified mobile massage practitioner, I provide a variety of specialise treatments, including deep tissue and sports massage. My treatments, which relieve muscle tension, are described below:

Deep Tissue Massage

When it comes to happiness, personal wellbeing is important. A deeply relaxing way to Renowned as one of the most effective methods of treating muscle pain, deep tissue massage soothes your muscles from the core. Designed to focus on deep layers of muscle tissue, it involves using firm pressure on individual muscle fibres. This releases muscular tension and toxins. A firm but gentle massage, deep tissue treatments bring intense results.

I perform deep tissue massage that restores overworked and stressed bodies. My massages also aid the healing of:

- Lower Back Pain and Sciatica
- Shoulder and Neck Pain
- Tension Headaches and Migraines
- Sports Injury and Recovery
- Calf and Achilles Pain
- Posture Improvement
- Tight, Knotted, or Strained Muscles

Sports Massage

Sports massage is performed using vigorous techniques, and typically incorporates remedial massage or deep tissue techniques. While its name might suggest, sports massage is designed to treat sporting injuries and ailments. However, my sports massages are beneficial to everyone, not just athletes. Although sports massage is not intended for relaxation, my massages will help you to feel less tense.

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Swedish Massage

Discover inner peace by treating yourself to one of my relaxing Swedish massages. A basic and classic form of Western massage, Swedish massage involves the use of specific techniques. As well as relaxing your muscles, these techniques are designed to:

- Increase Muscle Tone
- Stimulate Blood Circulation
- Remove Toxins
- Reduce Blood Pressure
- Increase Flexibility
- Reduce Muscular Tension and Stiffness

brush and scrub

Body Brush and Scrub

A deeply nourishing treatment, my body brush and scrub is designed to scrub, soften, and invigorate your skin. Originally a spa treatment, the body brush and scrub exfoliates the skin on your body, leaving it fresh, moisturised, and smooth. During the body exfoliation treatment, which relieves stress and toxins, I use warm oil that penetrates your skin. This reduces pressure from aching muscles and joints, bringing blood-flow to the area being treated.

My body brush and scrub stimulates any dull, lifeless skin on your body for smooth, conditioned results. I offer the body brush and scrub either as a standalone treatment, or with a follow-up massage that improves absorption of the essential oils. My invigorating, anti-stress body scrub offers the following benefits:

- Removes Dead Skin Cells
- Improves Circulation
- Aids in Detoxifying, Firming, and Toning
- Reduces Cellulite
- Exfoliates Dead Cells
- Improves Your Immune System
- Increases Circulation
- Detoxifies Your Skin
- Unclogs Your Pours
- Lymphatic Drainage

leg massage

Using Specialist Techniques

A treatment that combats stress, my body brush and scrub encourages your body’s natural healing. As well as relaxing the muscles and nervous system, it stimulates your body’s production of endorphin. I perform the massage using slow, rhythmic strokes to the:

- Head
- Neck
- Back
- Back of the Legs

I also use special anti-stress massage oils to reduce tension in your body. This relieves physical and emotional tension, and creates a relaxing therapeutic effect. My technique involves using friction, gentle pressure, and vibrations across the body’s surface. This:

- Stimulates Muscle Tissue
- Gets Rid of Toxins
- Relaxes Your Joints
- Increases the Flow of Oxygen and Nutrients

Indian Head Massage

A truly wonderful experience, my anti-stress Indian head massage eases tension in your shoulders, neck, back, and face. An ancient massage, the treatment involves using techniques that relieve:

- Headaches
- Migraines
- Eye Strain
- Anxiety
- Insomnia

Frozen Shoulder Therapy

Frozen shoulder appears to be a result of the brain’s response to inflammation around the long head of the biceps. In some people, and it is still unknown why, the brain over-reacts to this inflammation by switching off muscle groups and changing their dynamics. Research has proven that 95% of frozen shoulder conditions can be treated with manual therapy. This means that drugs and surgery are not needed.

The Niel Asher Technique™

Clinically proven to restore movement and reduce pain, the NAT (Niel Asher Technique) is a natural massage use to treat frozen shoulder. The NAT stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms, treating the complex shoulder with a unique sequence. This involves manipulating pressure points at the shoulder joints and soft-tissues. These might be thought of as inputs into the nervous system.

Depending how long you have had the problem, and which phase it is in, results may be seen in as few as four sessions. However, you may require between four and 13 sessions.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Specially designed to relieve neck pain, neuromuscular therapy is suitable for anyone who has experienced any sort of trauma in their life and requires professional neck work. This may have been a car accident, a fall, major surgery, or severe daily stress. The neck remembers that trauma and stores the tension in trigger points that lock muscles in the following areas:

- Neck
- Back
- Head
- Arm

While trauma in the above areas is typically most common, the whole body can be affected by this stored local tension, which may also radiate to different body parts. In just a few professional sessions, you can enjoy relaxed pressure points, repaired muscles, and the promise of long-term healing.

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Stretches may be included to your massages upon request. I highly recommend this, as it will increase your flexibility. Stretching is very beneficial at many levels and most effective to keep your body in balance.
It feels incredibly good when done properly.

Mobile Massage

Thanks to my mobile massage, you will enjoy a complete service delivered to your doorstep. You don’t have to worry about a thing, as I bring everything needed for the treatment to your home. My affordable mobile massage service is a great way for you to enjoy a blissful massage from a professional therapist.